There is a so-called Japantown in Düsseldorf. Almost 20% of the Japanese population in Germany live in Oberkassel and Niederkassel, two districts of Düsseldorf on the left side of the Rhine. The nickname of this area is "Nippon on the Rhine". It has got about 6.000 inhabitants and about 400 Japanese companies can be found there.

Benrath Castle
Benrath Castle once was a royal summer residence. Today, it is one of the museums in Düsseldorf. Its park an architecture together form one piece of art. Two gate lodges and two wing buildings are located beside the Corps des Logis. In the wing buildings you can find two museums: The Museum für Europäische Gartenkunst (European Museum of Garden Art) in the east wing and the Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Nature Study) in the west wing. In the Corps des Logis, alternating exhibitions and musical events are held. Except for this exhibitions, the hotel can only be visited by joining a guide which takes about one hour of time. Moreove, you can visit theater performances. Seats are limited, so you have to book in advance via telephone or personally at the museum counter. There is a lapidarium in the basement of the castle where you can see some figures an statues. The whole castle ant the parks are under a preservation order since 1996.
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Halfway between Düsseldorf and Duisburg, directly on the Rhine, you can find the former Imperial City Kaiserwerth which is the oldest district of Düsseldorf. Kaiserwerth, whith an area of 4,71 square kilometres, is about eight kilometres away from the centre of Düsseldorf. One the most important sights is the former collegiate church Saint Suitbertus. You can visit the magnificent shrine with Saint Suibertus´s bones there. During the Spanish war of succession (1702), the fortress "Kaiserpfalz" was blown up, thus only ruins remained. The inhabitants of Düsseldorf like to stroll through the historic section of Kaiserwerth, especially at sunny weeks. There are many sidewalk cafes and nice restaurants, in particular around the market place. You can also find boutiques an galleries. One of the nicest beer gardens of Düsseldorf is located right on the waterfront of the Rhine in Kaiserwerth. The "Burghof" is meeting point among young and old people alike: Sitting under old chestnut trees, you have a great view on the Rhine shipping..
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Gehry Buildings, Stromstraße 26 (harbor)

The Gehry-Bauten are a new sight of Düsseldorf. They were built between 1998 and 1999. The centre of art and media by Frank O. Gary (USA) consists of three elements, looking like a huge sculpture. Each part of the building has got its own identity. caused by the selection of different materials. In order to connect the three parts of the building, the elements on the north side and on the south side are reflected on the facade of the element in the middle.

Quelle: Reiseführer Düsseldorf